RCTS System  

File Transfer System for Flash Programming and Mask ROM

Dear customer!
Please follow below hints when transferring ROM/Flash codes for Renesas microcontrollers.
In case of any trouble, for example if you cannot find your selected device in our data base, please contact us
by phone
++49 (0) 211 6503 1109 or send an e-mail to contact us.

HCU Data file formats for Flash Microcontrollers: 78K/RL78/V850
RPI Data file format for Flash Microcontrollers: RH850

This data format includes the device options in the program data file and is usable to program the device with a Renesas Flash programmer.
For the integration of program and device option data into HCU format, you shall download our Hex Consolidation Utility (HCU) from HCU.
Then convert your Flash data and proceed with the ENTER button at the end of this page.

Data file format for: All Mask ROM Microcontrollers and H8/H8S/H8SX/R8C/M16C/M32C/RX/720/740 Flash Microcontrollers

Simply enter the transfer form sheet with the CONTINUE button at the end of this page and follow the instructions.

Verification Procedure

To avoid any transmission errors, we will return your data file for verification purpose together with a checksum, which we have created over your transmitted file.
The used checksum program can be downloaded here: Download Checksum Program .

Note for R8C, M16C/M32C, 720, 740 Mask & Flash Microcontrollers: Renesas has to convert your data file format (.mot or .s) into a Renesas specific mask file format (.msk).
For verification at your site, please download the mask file converter from Maskfile Converter.

Renesas will provide the completed device article code, device option data (if not part of the HCU- or Mask file), and confirm your marking request.

For legal reasons and in dependency of the chosen device, Renesas will send you an additional document, which you are very kindly
requested to confirm and to sign.
Renesas will not continue the mask ordering or flash programming procedure as long as we do not have your binding confirmation
about the correctness of all transferred data and forms.

(note for download: The browser settings must cope with the requirements for secure data transfer.
Example for Internet Explorer: Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Security: "Do not save encrypted pages to disk")